• Increase church tithing with envelopes and these 3 easy tips – Tipster Friday

    Ara is back for Tipster Friday. Today she’s tackling the topic of church tithing.

    Churches depend on donations from their congregation to survive. Therefore, it’s pertinent that they make it easy for members to contribute on a regular basis. Having different ways to donate is important so each person can choose the one that is easiest for them. It is also important to communicate these and the importance of giving.

    Ara has ideas to help your church increase giving by utilizing more than just a collection plate. Watch her video below or read the transcript that follows to start improving the tithing in your church.

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  • 4 marketing ideas for photographers – Tipster Friday

    Photography Marketing Ideas


    We have a new host for our Friday tip videos. Her name is Ara and she hosts our first episode of “Tipster Friday.” What is “Tipster Friday,” you ask? It’s a video with tips from a hipster every Friday. We will have tips to help you with all aspects of your printing.

    Today’s tips include creative marketing ideas for photographers. These aren’t just standard “pass out business cards” type of ideas. Ara came up with some unique stuff that could actually be eye-catching in any industry.

    Watch the video or read on for her inventive ways to promote your photography business.

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  • Church marketing: 3 unique ways to promote your Easter event

    Today’s tip video is all about church marketing. With lent already underway, Easter is coming up quickly. It’s the perfect time to reach out to your community for events and services surrounding the Easter holiday.

    In the video, Sharon has different ideas to engage children, young adults, and the whole community in your events. Watch the video to see her unique ideas for promoting your church for Easter or read the transcript below.


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  • 5 tips for booklet design – Graphic Design Friday

    Booklet design can seem like a daunting task since booklets include several pages of text, graphics, and work. Creating them correctly from the start though, can save a lot of time and frustration. In today’s Graphic Design Friday post, Sharon talks about booklet design. She has tips for typography, layout, and even the best design programs to use when creating your booklet.

    You can read the transcript for today’s video below, but if you don’t want to miss Sharon’s smiling face, I’d suggest watching the video.


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  • How to create a direct mail campaign – Graphic Design Friday

    Direct Mail - How ToCreating a direct mail campaign can seem like a daunting task, especially if you haven’t done one before. This week’s Graphic Design Friday video details the steps you need to take and how to do them effectively for a successful campaign.

    Let’s be honest, the post office does have a lot of rules, but to be fair, they do handle a lot of mail. Fun fact for you: According to usps.com, they processed 158.4 billion pieces of mail in 2013. That is a lot of mail.

    The good news is that PrintPlace.com is here to make your direct mail campaign simple.

    If you still have additional questions after watching this video, feel free to call us for more help. PrintPlace.com can help you every step of the way. We can make sure your direct mail looks professional and targets the best demographics for your campaign.

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  • Marketing with rack cards – Graphic Design Friday

    Rack cards

    Marketing with rack cards is a simple, but effective way to catch attention for your business. Rack cards are easy to distribute in a number of locations. That’s because there are racks, built specifically to show them off, in prime areas. Hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and more, have display racks where you can reach your customers.

    The size of rack cards makes them easy for customers to pick up on the go.

    Since racks cards are small though, they fit a limited amount of information, so you need to use this space wisely. Our latest graphic design video explains just how to do that.

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  • 5 menu printing design tips that will entice you – Graphic Design Friday

    Menu printing involves more than just creating a list of food. Careful consideration should be taken with every aspect of the design.

    Color, size and fold type are all factors that do a lot more than just look pretty. Each contributes to how enticing your menu appears to customers. It also impacts what they eat and how much they spend.

    Watch our video for tips from our graphic designer about how to make your menu more enticing.

    Hmm, I might need to pick up a pizza on the way home today.

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  • Door Hanger Design Tips – Graphic Design Friday

    Door Hanger Design Tips


    Door hanger design is the topic our graphic designer, Sharon, is talking about today.

    Door hangers can be very effective marketing tools, but must be used strategically. Sharon has tips to not only make your design and layout more effective, but also increase the conversion rate, and track your success.

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  • How to design a business card – Graphic Design Friday

    How to design business cards


    Business cards are a widely used networking tool across all industries. They are an easy and useful way to give out your information. Because they are so convenient, everyone uses them. That means that it’s easy to get lost in the crowd (or the pile, or the purse, as the case may be).

    Your business cards need to look professional in addition to beckoning the holder to contact you. Not only is the included information important, but the design elements, that are often overlooked, are as well.

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  • Combining fonts – Graphic Design Friday

    Combining Fonts - Graphic Design Tips


    The combination of two fonts can give you a unique and attention-grabbing look, but make sure it is the type of look you want. Used poorly, a font combination can make your design look sloppy. The right combination though, will make your design pleasing to the eye and draw in more eyes as well.

    In our newest video, our graphic designer, Sharon, has some tips about what to keep in mind when combining fonts. She will tell you how to make sure your combinations are positive ones.

    You can read the transcript below, or watch the video. Here’s a hint though, the video includes examples to illustrate each of these points.

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