• Customer spotlight: Roderick Pena, photographer

    Roderick Pena Video Shoot

    Roderick, sat on some cement steps with a metal railing by a loading dock as he told us about his passion for photography.

    We spoke with photographer Roderick Pena weeks before we met him. His use of clean, modern business cards intrigued us, so we made him the subject of our next PrintPlace.com customer spotlight.

    Wanting to get him in action for our video, Tim, our video coordinator, asked Roderick if we could follow him on a photo shoot. We needed the perfect location for a photo shoot, video shoot, and interview in one. He suggested a place without a name. It was an area local photographers know, he said. Tim and I were up for anything, so we went along with his plan.

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  • The PrintPlace.com customer service team keeps making people happy

    PrintPlace.com Customer Service

    A real live person in Arlington, Texas will be here to talk to you M-F (7am-8pm CT).

    PrintPlace.com’s customer service team makes more happy customers each day. I hear compliments about them all the time. It’s one of our customers’ favorite things about working with PrintPlace.com. Customers rave about it.

    Customer service. Customer service. What’s so great?

    Actually, you probably hear about our customer service so much that you might be tired of it. I understand. I mean, what is so great about them? People like them. They are helpful and friendly.  They know what they’re talking about. So what?

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  • 8 ways to be creative with your annual report

    Creative Annual Reports

    Annual reports don’t have to be boring black and white pages of numbers. Get creative when you print your annual report and you can create something that people actually enjoy reading. There is a lot of information to convey, so craft it carefully and use more than just words and numbers.

    Your industry may dictate the extent to which you can liven your annual report, but think outside the box as you read the following ideas. You’ll be able to use at least a few of these, even in an uptight industry. Keep your audience in mind, but remember that people will be reading it. People don’t like to pour over dry word after dry word of data.

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  • Print marketing and digital technology create the perfect mix for CEDA Realty

    Ceda Realty Business Cards

    Every agent at CEDA Realty now uses business cards printed through PrintPlace.com.

    Steve Goff started CEDA Realty to reinvent the experience of buying or selling a home. He uses some of the latest technology to keep his team and their clients connected and running at a fast pace. He even won an award from Apple for his innovative uses for iPads. With all this digital technology around him, how much print do you think he needs for his marketing? The answer…A lot!

    PrintPlace.com talks to CEDA Realty

    Tim and I set up with his video camera and my PrintPlace.com notebook in the CEDA Realty third floor conference room. Windows covered two walls, looking into the office hallway on one side and out into Plano on the other.

    The importance of technology was obvious from the television hung on the wall to the iPad each person carried with them. Agents receive an iPad upon completion of training that is loaded with presentations and information to show clients.

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  • The people behind PrintPlace.com: Marketing edition

    Creative Director - PrintPlace.com

    Dante, Creative Director, at PrintPlace.com

    I’m pretty sure everyone around PrintPlace.com thinks I spend a lot of time playing on Facebook. I do spend time on social media at work, but  it’s because I’m actually working. I know. I’m pretty lucky. My job involves messing around on social media. OK, it is actually more involved than that, but it is a fun job.

    Another part of my job that may already be familiar to you is the PrintPlace.com Blog, which you are currently reading.

    I’m one of several people that make up our marketing department (recently renamed the “creative agency”). We are each responsible for communicating with you in different ways. Whether through writing, video, or design, we are the reason you know about PrintPlace.com. It may look like we are just a website, but behind the scenes, there are real people, who are passionate about printing, working to make sure you have all the latest and greatest information about printing.

    Marketing Designers - PrintPlace.comThat’s why we took this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. I wrote and Tim filmed, as we created a spotlight video and blog post, this time, about ourselves.

    In the video you get to see why we like working at PrintPlace.com. You’ll also learn things like why Tim has a giant tennis ball on his desk, and what we really think about being in all his PrintPlace videos.

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  • Rack cards: Powerful marketing at first sight

    Spa Rack Cards

    Rack cards are an effective marketing tool. A simple, bold message on the front of a rack card will grab eye contact from across the room. Once a customer gets to know your business a little better by reading further, they won’t be able to get you off their mind, and won’t want to wait to call you.

    Spas are one type of business that uses rack cards to advertise specials and services in a compact, attention-getting form. Simply feature a relevant message.

    A massage for Valentine’s Day? Yes, please. How about a couple’s massage? Great idea. Maybe add in a box of chocolates to sweeten the offer.

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  • How to make your door hanger do more than just hang

    Door Hanger PrintingDoor hanger printing is about more than just a piece of paper. Don’t just hang it. Make it into an interactive marketing piece. Whether you interact with it or let a tear-card do the interacting for you, there are ways to ensure your door hanger is seen and taken seriously. Keep these things in mind and you will have successful door hanger campaign.

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  • Why door hangers make this restaurant unforgettable

    Quesa-D-Ya's Restaurant

    Today’s customer spotlight is about Quesa-D-Ya’s. The restaurant’s unique focus on quesadilla take-out and delivery has proven successful, and owner, Paul Oltmann, says print played a huge part in that.

    What is Quesa-D-Ya’s?

    When I walked into Quesa-D-Ya’s to meet Paul, I was met with a clean, bright space. Everything was lime green and orange from the chairs and napkin holders to the tile on the walls. Even the menus and door hangers matched the inviting, modern color scheme. Even though I hadn’t been inside the restaurant before, having seen the flyers for Quesa-D-Ya’s, I felt as it was already a favorite place.

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  • Free Valentine Design Downloads

    Valentine’s Day is coming up so we thought we’d help you get ready. Dante, our designer, created some custom cover photos to spice up your Facebook page. Um… “spice up” might be the wrong terminology. They are designer-inspired and definitely not your typical mushy Valentine’s Day graphics.

    Pick your favorite, then upload it to your Facebook cover photo. It will refresh your Facebook page instantly.

    I put my favorite on the PrintPlace Facebook page already.

    This is our first time offering free downloads of our custom designs for you! We hope you like them! Let us know in the comments below.

    Please fill out the form below to access the download link

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    Click on the link below any design for the free download!




    GRAY SKIES - Right Click Link, Save Target to Download

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  • 3 Business card design tips for a new look

    Business Card Design TipsDon’t your business cards deserve a new look for the new year?

    It’s that time of year again when all around you people are resolving to eat less, exercise more, and save money. This year they are really going to do it. Maybe.

    I can’t do much to help you with your eating and exercise routine. I have enough of that to worry about for myself. I can offer some financial advice though. It refers to something so simple that it is often overlooked. Your business card.

    Business cards play an important role whether your financial goal this year is to find a new job, drive more sales through the one you already have, or add some freelance work.

    These little cards are one of the first impressions you give a new contact. They are the lasting impression you leave. They influence whether that prospective client will contact you. They are responsible for working your networking magic.

    Sounds pretty important, right?

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