• Customer spotlight: Roderick Pena, photographer

    Roderick Pena Video Shoot

    Roderick, sat on some cement steps with a metal railing by a loading dock as he told us about his passion for photography.

    We spoke with photographer Roderick Pena weeks before we met him. His use of clean, modern business cards intrigued us, so we made him the subject of our next PrintPlace.com customer spotlight.

    Wanting to get him in action for our video, Tim, our video coordinator, asked Roderick if we could follow him on a photo shoot. We needed the perfect location for a photo shoot, video shoot, and interview in one. He suggested a place without a name. It was an area local photographers know, he said. Tim and I were up for anything, so we went along with his plan.

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  • The PrintPlace.com customer service team keeps making people happy

    PrintPlace.com Customer Service

    A real live person in Arlington, Texas will be here to talk to you M-F (7am-8pm CT).

    PrintPlace.com’s customer service team makes more happy customers each day. I hear compliments about them all the time. It’s one of our customers’ favorite things about working with PrintPlace.com. Customers rave about it.

    Customer service. Customer service. What’s so great?

    Actually, you probably hear about our customer service so much that you might be tired of it. I understand. I mean, what is so great about them? People like them. They are helpful and friendly.  They know what they’re talking about. So what?

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  • Print marketing and digital technology create the perfect mix for CEDA Realty

    Ceda Realty Business Cards

    Every agent at CEDA Realty now uses business cards printed through PrintPlace.com.

    Steve Goff started CEDA Realty to reinvent the experience of buying or selling a home. He uses some of the latest technology to keep his team and their clients connected and running at a fast pace. He even won an award from Apple for his innovative uses for iPads. With all this digital technology around him, how much print do you think he needs for his marketing? The answer…A lot!

    PrintPlace.com talks to CEDA Realty

    Tim and I set up with his video camera and my PrintPlace.com notebook in the CEDA Realty third floor conference room. Windows covered two walls, looking into the office hallway on one side and out into Plano on the other.

    The importance of technology was obvious from the television hung on the wall to the iPad each person carried with them. Agents receive an iPad upon completion of training that is loaded with presentations and information to show clients.

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  • The people behind PrintPlace.com: Marketing edition

    Creative Director - PrintPlace.com

    Dante, Creative Director, at PrintPlace.com

    I’m pretty sure everyone around PrintPlace.com thinks I spend a lot of time playing on Facebook. I do spend time on social media at work, but  it’s because I’m actually working. I know. I’m pretty lucky. My job involves messing around on social media. OK, it is actually more involved than that, but it is a fun job.

    Another part of my job that may already be familiar to you is the PrintPlace.com Blog, which you are currently reading.

    I’m one of several people that make up our marketing department (recently renamed the “creative agency”). We are each responsible for communicating with you in different ways. Whether through writing, video, or design, we are the reason you know about PrintPlace.com. It may look like we are just a website, but behind the scenes, there are real people, who are passionate about printing, working to make sure you have all the latest and greatest information about printing.

    Marketing Designers - PrintPlace.comThat’s why we took this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. I wrote and Tim filmed, as we created a spotlight video and blog post, this time, about ourselves.

    In the video you get to see why we like working at PrintPlace.com. You’ll also learn things like why Tim has a giant tennis ball on his desk, and what we really think about being in all his PrintPlace videos.

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  • Why door hangers make this restaurant unforgettable

    Quesa-D-Ya's Restaurant

    Today’s customer spotlight is about Quesa-D-Ya’s. The restaurant’s unique focus on quesadilla take-out and delivery has proven successful, and owner, Paul Oltmann, says print played a huge part in that.

    What is Quesa-D-Ya’s?

    When I walked into Quesa-D-Ya’s to meet Paul, I was met with a clean, bright space. Everything was lime green and orange from the chairs and napkin holders to the tile on the walls. Even the menus and door hangers matched the inviting, modern color scheme. Even though I hadn’t been inside the restaurant before, having seen the flyers for Quesa-D-Ya’s, I felt as it was already a favorite place.

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  • Online printing for less on Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday


    Cyber Monday is coming up next week. If you don’t know much about Cyber Monday, I’ll give you a little background. It’s an online shopping tradition that came about because of the biggest shopping day of the year…Black Friday.

    Everyone shops themselves to death on Black Friday, but still has a long list of gifts to find. They end up shopping online the following Monday (usually because they are in front of a computer at work, but don’t tell your boss that). That has created what is now known as “Cyber Monday.”

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  • Calendar printing: Cute puppies and a good cause

    Calendar Printing with cute puppies and a good causeWhat is better than a calendar printed full of cute puppies? How about a calendar full of cute puppies that are raising money to help breast cancer research?

    That’s the idea behind the Pink Ribbon Puppies calendars.

    The puppies are adorned in pink for the cause. Each month features a puppy with a different theme. One is dressed in a pink bow tie, one in a pink tutu, and another in pink hair curlers. There is a puppy selling pink lemonade and another ready to play ball with a pink baseball glove.

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  • Calendars have become a major fundraiser for Hill County Paw Pals

    Hill County Paw Pals CalendarOur latest customer spotlight is about Hill County Paw Pals. They print calendars every year with PrintPlace.com, and it has become one or their biggest marketing efforts. We headed to Hill County to see the shelter and talk to the people that run it.

    When we arrived, we first took a tour of the shelter. We passed cages of snout after snout, sniffing, barking, and smiling at us. It wasn’t a place of despair though, it was a place of hope that these dogs and cats would soon find their forever homes.

    The walls reflected this mission with brightly-colored paintings of animals. The cats, dogs, and even a squirrel in the paintings each represented a former tenant who has now found a good home and a new life.

    When Mike Hendricks, founder and president of Paw Pals, moved to Hill County with his wife, they had six dogs show up at their door within a year. It was obvious that there was a pet overpopulation problem, so they began raising funds to open a shelter.

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  • Greeting cards with a sleek, modern style are the center of this graphic design company

    Silas Tom Greeting Cards and More

    Silas Tom dog-inspired greeting cards and more

    Rob Wilson is a graphic designer. He started his own company, Silas Tom, which currently includes greeting cards for every occasion, some equally witty cocktail napkins, and gift wrap. He is a longtime PrintPlace.com customer, so Tim and I asked him to be the subject of our next customer spotlight.

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  • The people behind PrintPlace.com: Customer service edition

    Happy Customer Service RepEarlier this week, Tim, his camera, and I, headed upstairs to our customer service department for our latest installment of “The People Behind PrintPlace.com.”

    When we mentioned we wanted to come and talk, ask them about their jobs, and video them, they were fine with it as long as we understood that the customers came first. They said that even if we were in the middle of shooting, if our subject’s phone rang, the interview would have to be stopped. Each call had to be answered immediately. We happily agreed of course.

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