• Graphic Design Friday: Make business cards that stand out

    Business cards that stand outBusiness cards are the topic of our Graphic Design Friday video again this week. We are tackling more ways to create quality business cards that will really move the chains.

    Wow. That was two football metaphors in one sentence. Sorry, I’m heading to a game tomorrow, and that is apparently where my mind went.

    Seriously though, in a pile of business cards, yours need to stand out to be seen. There are a number of ways you can do this. PrintPlace.com has a lot of options from paper, coating, color, and cutting options to create your unique business cards.

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  • PrintPlace Gives SMBs an Affordable Marketing Option with Free Downloadable Designs for Postcards, Business Cards, and Brochures

    From its very beginning, PrintPlace.com has continually sought for ways to make professional printing more affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Their recent release of free downloadable print-ready designs is another way PrintPlace hopes to help SMBs cut marketing costs. The PrintPlace design team specialists have created pre-designed templates for the most common marketing product on the site: postcards, business cards, and brochures.

    Now, SMBs can download a design of choice with one click of a button and quickly customize the template by replacing placeholder text with their own message, add in a logo, and even change colors and other graphics if so desired. Whether businesses make lots of changes or very few, a customized design can be ready to send to print in a matter of a few hours or as little as a few minutes.

    Graphic designers can also benefit from the postcard, brochure, and business card templates. For a project on a tight deadline, designers can download one of the free templates, and then easily customize for the specific brand look the client needs.

    PrintPlace’s pre-designed templates come in PSD format for easy customization in Adobe Photoshop. The files are formatted for print, so once changes are made, clients can immediately upload their design to PrintPlace and approve for printing, all in a single day. The layout of templates are easy to work with, so even those with very little experience in Photoshop can replace text and add in their logo quite easily.

    All of the templates come in a variety of styles, so businesses can choose from a look and feel that best matches their company image and industry. The pre-designed postcard templates include minimal layouts, corporate styles, feminine styles, IT designs, and even a postcard that would be perfect for a home interior or real estate business.

    The business card design templates also come with several choices, including a minimal black business card for the more corporate business as well as a frilly design for the owner of a boutique shop. Brochure design templates include a few corporate and IT styles as well as one design perfect for a landscaping or even a women’s accessories business.

    PrintPlace.com has offered blank templates for a number of years now to help clients set up designs for printing specifications. The new pre-designed ready-to-print templates, though, give those businesses without a design eye to very quickly create postcards, brochures, or business cards that reflect positively on their brand image.

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  • Blue Jay Business Card

    This newest pre-designed business card template from PrintPlace is the perfect look for anyone in a “green” industry, nature biology field, or any other field related to nature, birds, or even aviation. The ribbons are reminiscent of banners at an outdoor event and balanced by the blue lines and strong font that give it a grounded, corporate look and feel.
    All of our business card template designs come in PSD format, free to download and customize for your own company. Simply open the file in Photoshop and then add in your business information into the placeholder text. You can even change colors and fonts to match your brand.
    Pre-designed business card templates from PrintPlace allow you to create professional business cards in no time. Keep in mind, however, that experience with Photoshop is helpful, since our design team can only provide help with blank templates at this time.

    We’d like to know what you think so feel free to leave us a comment. Click image to view complete business card.

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  • 15 Inspiring Black and White Business Cards

    You may have been looking to colors for inspiration too much. With the two tones being the extreme contrast of the other, black and white business cards dominate the pack when it comes to clean, striking and professional designs. Mixed with a clever logo or a drop of design humor, here are some practical and inspirational ideas for a black and white business card.

    DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by PrintPlace.com and are used for the sole purpose of inspiring our viewers.

    Muku Studios


    Print Pinball

    Index Estudio

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  • Die Cut Business Cards: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    FaceBook and Twitter have certainly taken the world’s attention to the Web.  As a result you might think die cut business cards are no longer needed.  After all, how many times do you hear people ask you today if you have “Googled” it?

    However, people continue to make business cards and printers continue to print business cards.


    That is an easy answer.

    Even in today’s world people still conduct their lives via the never dying business of business cards.   No matter if you are talking about photography business cards, graphic design business cards or any of a number of other business cards designs people still run their businesses using these gifts that keep on giving.

    The size and convenience of a business card is indeed one of the major reasons that this is the way things are for today’s companies.  Yes, people use the Web to find the information they are looking for; but to actually “seal the deal” we still enjoy the power of meeting people face-to-face.

    Here are some hot tips to consider using the next time you find yourself designing a new business card layout for your business venture.

    • Add photos for compelling photo business cards
    • Use both sides to release more information as double sided business cards
    • Consider unique shapes instead of the standard square business cards
    • Develop your business cards, stationary & logo as a consistent branding message
    • Deliver an original message with transparent business cards

    Whatever you do, make sure your business cards offer a splash of excitement in the lives of those who receive your gifts.  In a world where information explosion is the trend of the day it is important to communicate to your potential clients in ways that are remembered while conveying messages you want your audience to receive about your brand.

    Engage any experienced social marketer in conversation and they will likely express to you the importance of doing offline marketing for their online businesses.  In fact, they will probably share this information with you while in the process of handing you one of their own die cut business cards.

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  • Five Important Considerations for Business Card Printing

    Before rushing into the all-important task of business card printing, take a moment to think about the role of your contact card. A business card should say something about you and your company. It should bring recall to the conversation between you and the client long after you have parted. Therefore, designing a business card should be carefully completed. Here are five considerations to keep in mind for creating a memorable business card.


    • Stand out in a crowdAt any business event where everyone is passing out their business cards, attendees usually come away at the end of the day with a handful of contact cards. Yours should accurately and uniquely represent your company. Don’t make the mistake of creating a design that gets lost in the crowd, but rather one that stands out.
    • Subliminal messagesThe meanings of colors is a powerful way to convey certain feelings. Taking the time to research the different messages that each color sends will result in more than just a colorful card, it will also send the right kind of message.
    • Tactile advantagesOne important aspect to business card printing that many people forget about is the feel of the card. When touching your card, a client will associate any unusual tactile sensation with your personality. Try velvet for a more gentle message or sharp edges for an “all-business” corporate association.
    • Quality stockUsing cheap paper tells others that what you have to offer is cheap. Prospects will have trouble believing that your product has the best features of any available if your contact information is printed on flimsy, low-quality stock.
    • Speak clearlyThe typography you choose for your text needs to not only represent your business image but should also be easy to read. Business cards do not allow for large a font, which means that the type of font you use should be easily readable in a small size. Too many curlicues will hide the shape of the letters, so opt for something a little more easy to see.

    Always consider these five aspects of design before printing business cards to insure that yours accurately and uniquely represents your company image.

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  • 25 Simply Amazing Business Cards

    Aggressive marketing defines success, but what is even more important is creating a favorable first impression. Clever and creatively designed business card help you sell yourself even before you start advertising your business. Business cards are often your first visual interaction with the client and help in answering the essential 4 “W’s” – Who What, Where and When. Additionally, an attractive business card will not only help you in expanding your business network, but if you have a unique design it clings to the memory of the potential customers thus increasing your chance of getting business. Below are the some examples of creative and unique business cards you may thought weren’t possible.

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  • The Importance of a Quality Business Card

    Many people skimp on their business cards, thinking they aren’t that important. They are just pieces of cardstock with contact info on them. I would say think again. Your business card is as much of a marketing item as your best brochure.

    As soon as someone hands you their business card, what do you notice? The thickness of the paper, the colors and graphics, and then the contact info. At least that’s what I notice first. A flimsy business card or a plain-Jane business card handed to me on the street tells me as much about the person handing me the card as if I were walking into their place of business for the first time.

    The flimsiness or the perforation marks tells me that this person didn’t invest much money into their business card budget. This makes me wonder what else this person didn’t think was important enough for his image. Is his product flimsy? Does the business go half-ass (pardon my language) on its services? And the plain-Jane business card – that tells me that this company has no personality or that it takes itself very seriously. It might be a little boring to work with.

    See all the assumptions I made just imagining two business cards? This is what goes through people’s heads as they receive business cards, if not in their conscious, but in their subconscious.

    So why is the business card so important?

    It’s your first impression. When you first meet someone at a sales conference or trade show or even on the street, the first thing you do when you talk business is give that person a business card. That business card tells a prospect a lot about you. You can’t make a second first impression, so wouldn’t you rather the prospect be impressed than turned off by your business card? Why take the chance on something so easy to fix?

    Your business card has a myriad of uses. You can use it everywhere. You can slip a card into your invoice envelopes, your sales letters, your greeting cards, pin them up to a bulletin board, use one as an ad in the local newspaper … there are several ways you can distribute and use your business card. All of these include a component of marketing. Your business card is a strong marketing tool that is also versatile.

    It can encompass your brand’s message. With your logo, your brand’s colors, and perhaps your brand slogan on the back of the card, this little piece of cardstock can communicate to people in a glance what would take you 5 minutes to explain. People don’t want to hear your explanation, but they will take your card and glance it over. Then they’ll remember it and have your contact info for when they need your services.

    The fact that you are using your business card as something that people are likely to keep in their wallets or Rolodexes for a long time is reason enough to spend the money and get nice business cards. You can get professional quality business cards from online printing companies for as little as $15 with shipping. So there’s no excuse – professional-looking business cards can fit any budget.

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  • 5 Benefits of Business Cards


    Although they have been around forever, business cards are still some of the most powerful advertising and marketing weapons available to the small business owner. Let’s go over some of the things that make business cards so effective.

    1. They are cheap

    Business card printing is not expensive. For a small business with budget constraints, business cards are perhaps the most cost effective option available. Of course, finding the right commercial printer to handle your business card printing is important. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should not print your own cards on your own printer. That just does not produce the kind of quality that you get from a reputable commercial printer.

    2. They pack quite a punch

    Despite their small size, business cards can include a great deal of information. You can put more than just your contact information on a business card. You can put some advertising material, or even offer a deal or coupon. Be careful not to include too much information on your cards, though. You don’t want to overwhelm the recipients.

    3. They are convenient – for you and the customers

    Although they are the only advertising tool that customers actually keep, they are not annoying. They are small enough for the reader to keep them in a wallet or purse without overcrowding it. Many people even have special containers or binders in which they keep business cards for later reference.

    4. They never stop working

    Unlike a radio or television ad that only lasts for about 30 seconds, a business card stays with the customer. Every time that customer looks at your business card, he or she is reminded of your company. And every time that happens, the chances of that customer using your services increase exponentially.

    5. They work

    When it comes to business cards, the bottom line is that they work. Businesses continue to hand them out because they continue to bring in more customers each and every year. As with every advertising tool, however, it is important to plan adequately. You have to include the right information (and the right amount of information) on your cards, and you have to get them into the hands of the right people. If you do those things sufficiently, though, they can be tremendously effective for you.

    Business cards are cheap yet effective tools for your business. When you plan your marketing strategy, do not neglect the power of the little business card. They may be old, and they may be small, but they work. They can increase your revenue, which is exactly the point of any advertising, right? And with the small costs involved, there really is no reason to ignore business cards as a marketing tool.

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