• Graphic Design Friday: Make business cards that stand out

    Business cards that stand outBusiness cards are the topic of our Graphic Design Friday video again this week. We are tackling more ways to create quality business cards that will really move the chains.

    Wow. That was two football metaphors in one sentence. Sorry, I’m heading to a game tomorrow, and that is apparently where my mind went.

    Seriously though, in a pile of business cards, yours need to stand out to be seen. There are a number of ways you can do this. PrintPlace.com has a lot of options from paper, coating, color, and cutting options to create your unique business cards.

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  • Graphic Design Friday: Get noticed with die cut business cards

    Die Cut Business Card PrintingBusiness card printing is something that every business needs, no matter how big or small. Because there are so many business cards floating around in networking land, you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. To do so, your business cards need to be exceptional quality and be uniquely yours.

    One way to stand out from the square crowd is with die-cutting. Today’s Graphic Design Friday video tackles this topic. One of our graphic designers explains how to make the most of a die cut business card.

    We will be back next week with more graphic design tips from PrintPlace.com.

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  • Graphic Design Friday: How to make a more profitable postcard

    Marketing Postcard TipsIt’s graphic design Friday! Our graphic designer, Chambley, is back with some tips about creating marketing postcards today. When designing a postcard to print, the image is probably the most important piece.

    Chambley has some ideas about what to use, as well as some more design points to keep in mind.

    Watch her tell you about them in this video. It’s less than a minute and a half. Plus there are visuals to give you ideas. But, as always, you could read about it in the transcript that follows. We will have more tips from PrintPlace.com next week, so come back to see us!

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  • Graphic Design Tips: Brochure printing

    Brochure Graphic Design TipsIt’s Graphic Design Friday. Tip time. Today, graphic designer, Julie, gives tips on creating an effective brochure. There are several things to keep in mind before printing a brochure. She talks about what content fits best on each section, and how to use photos, colors, and text for the best layout. It’s easy to feel lost when staring at a blank piece of paper, so follow these tips, and you will have ideas flowing for your brochure.

    Feel free to add your own brochure tip in the comments below.


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  • Graphic Design Tip: Resolution for Print and Web

    DPI and Resolution are important factors in online printingToday’s graphic design video covers resolution and DPI. What exactly do these terms mean? And more importantly, how can they improve the look of your printing? Our graphic designer, Chambley, has the answers to both. She explains why having the correct DPI makes a huge difference in the look of any image. This is true when you are working on a web image, but even more important when you are creating an image for print.

    PrintPlace.com wants your posters, flyers, and all your printing to look professional every time, so we are giving tips like this one, each week.

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  • Graphic Design Tips: RGB vs CMYK

    RGB vs CMYK: What you need to know for online printingDo you know the difference between RGB and CMYK? These are two terms that pop up often in the world of graphic design and print. They are important to understand when turning a digital file into print, which is exactly what happens with an online printing company like PrintPlace.com.

    To understand exactly what we’re talking about, take a look at this week’s graphic design video where Chambley explains what you need to know about these two color modes.

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  • Graphic Design Tips: 6 logo design pointers

    Graphic Design Logo TipsIt’s Friday! That means two things. One, it’s almost the weekend! And two, it’s time for a Graphic Design tip from PrintPlace.com! They both deserve equal enthusiasm from you.

    Today’s Graphic Design video reaches further into the topic of logo design that we began last Friday. Our graphic designer, Chambley, talks about what makes a logo work. She has 6 tips to keep in mind when designing and testing your logo.

    The video is only one and a half minutes. Before you turn off your brain for the weekend, take that minute and a half to learn how to make a perfectly designed logo. It’s a pretty short video. I mean, it’s faster than it takes your barista to make your coffee, right?

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  • Graphic Design Friday: The 3 types of logos

    Three Logo TypesLogos are the topic of today’s Graphic Design Friday. Our video discusses the three categories that all logos fall into, and gives famous examples of each. Find out what you can learn from the logos of popular brands. Then ask yourself three easy questions to improve your own logo.

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  • Graphic Design Friday: Trim and bleed lines

    Graphic Design: Trim and Bleed TipsHave you ever printed something that came back with a white line around the edge? This often happens when the bleed and trim lines are not taken into consideration. Every product on PrintPlace.com has template layouts that include these lines to ensure the precision of every piece. For them to work though, you need to know how to correctly use them. In today’s graphic design tip video, Chambley explains exactly what these lines mean and how to achieve the best results by applying them to your design.

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  • Graphic Design Friday: 5 forbidden color combinations

    Worst Color CombinationsToday’s “Graphic Design Friday” video is about color. PrintPlace.com‘s graphic designer, Chambley, has five color combinations you should avoid at all costs. She points out that there may be some exceptions, especially when it comes to holiday designs, but says they should still be handled carefully. She gives some easy tips that allow these traditional colors without hurting your eyesight and still creating a successful web or print design.

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