• 15 Captivating Product Labels

    Product labels are designed to grab our attention and help a product stand out from the crowded shelves full of similar offerings. The challenge when designing product labels is keeping a consistent brand image while also creating a captivating design. The below collection demonstrates exciting design and clear branding and the occassional example that just rocks!

    DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by PrintPlace.com and are used only to inspire and to provide design resources to our readers.

    Turtle Wax

    OP Light Bulbs

    Rexona Adventure

    Summercow Milk

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  • Photoshop Textures Taken from Household Items

    Household items make excellent textures for backgrounds and other elements, maybe because everyone can connect with these everyday designs and immediately relate to them. Or maybe the reason is simply because these items make for unique textures. The following textures are broken up into four categories: couches, carpets, curtains, and tiles. You should be able to come up with some very interesting design ideas simply by browsing through each texture below.


    Texture Couch 3 by Possumland


    Sofa Texture by ImageWa


    Kravet by Hampton Hostess


    Italian Leather Couch Closeup by PunkMouse


    Leather by ImageAfter


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  • 20 Free Fonts for Fabulous Business Cards

    In a marketing piece as small as business cards, the choice of font can make or break the design. Since the purpose of business cards is to convey contact information, a font is made even more important for such a weighty document. Make sure that your business card printing is a success by using a font that will both look professional while also remaining readable at such a small size. Take a look at the following free business cards; maybe the exact font you need is among them.

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  • 20 Free Floral Vector Graphics for Postcards

    Postcards are quite the versatile print medium. They can be used as invitations, for sending a quick word of congratulations or thank you, or as a direct mail piece. No matter the use, though, postcards must be eye-catching. While they have the advantage of a message that is not covered by an envelope, take care that the design is captivating enough for your message to be read.

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  • 15 Inspiring Black and White Business Cards

    You may have been looking to colors for inspiration too much. With the two tones being the extreme contrast of the other, black and white business cards dominate the pack when it comes to clean, striking and professional designs. Mixed with a clever logo or a drop of design humor, here are some practical and inspirational ideas for a black and white business card.

    DISCLAIMER: The following images are not owned by PrintPlace.com and are used for the sole purpose of inspiring our viewers.

    Muku Studios


    Print Pinball

    Index Estudio

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  • 8 Color Resources for Color Theory and Psychology

    There’s a lot behind the phenomenon of color – graphic and web designers should appreciate this fact the most. There are psychological aspects, color theory, even neuro-marketing applications behind every color choice or palette combination. For your dose of color talk, here are eight website resources that talk all about what’s behind color:

    Color Resources is exactly what it purports to be. It’s a collection of resources discussing the meanings, psychology, theory, and nuances behind the nuances. While the website itself may be visually unimpressive, the content is quite hefty and both informational and educational.

    Poynter.org is a great Flash-based resource that discusses color theory and psychology in an interactive manner. The site is complete with exercises that can flex your creative muscles at the same time feeding you your dose of color talk.

    Maria Claudia Cortes’ color in motion promises a Flash-based interactive experience that focuses on color symbolism and communication. The site can be loaded in English and Spanish and launches a new window after picking a language.

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  • 7 Simple and Intelligent Logo Designs

    Among the many elements you can use in your print design, simplicity is one of the most cost-effective ones. Cost-effective in terms of ease of use and its consequent assistance in speeding things up.

    Indeed, one of the most noteworthy design styles today, minimalism, advocates the use of simplicity in design. The main minimalist thrust “less is more” works well in ordinary print design in that making thing simple helps in image perception. Simple layouts and images help bring attention to the parts of the design that require attention. What’s more, often simple design is intelligent design, making a lasting impact through sending a message though visual elements are minimal, and exactly because of it. To better illustrate this point, let’s take a look at simple and intelligent logo designs.

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  • 5 Photo Quirks that Enhance Print Design

    Photos are not only appealing to the eyes, they also communicate well to your audience. But beyond just using photos in your design, you might want to use these five photo quirks that can enhance your overall design’s efficiency.

    Appeal to Emotion

    In debate, the ad misericordiam or appeal to pity is a fallacy. In print design, however, appealing to emotion is often key to making your design more relatable.

    Fiery photos evoke fiery sentiments.

    There are many images that can elicit varied emotions. Make sure you use appropriate photos to evoke the right sentiments. The impact of the photos in your design can support your main message, accentuate it, or even play the role of the main medium by which you deliver your message.

    Facial Recognition

    Pareidolia is the phenomenon of human minds making out faces in pretty much everything they see. Clouds, water, tree barks, you name it. We can discern a human face from it if we look hard enough. For print design, this means you can use human faces to draw attention to elements that require attention.

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  • How To Avoid Design Burnout

    However artistically fulfilling it is to churn out one design after another, sometimes we just get burned out doing the same thing over and over. Luckily, there are some simple design reminders that can help us avoid lackluster design owing to burn out – tips that can refresh our creativity and imagination.

    Limitations: Use Them

    In today’s technologically advanced world of modern design innovations, even beginners can come up with professional looking graphic designs and print media. There just doesn’t seem to be any limits to what Photoshop or other digital design software can do. Though initially inspiring and quite useful, this can end up being detrimental to the graphic designer constantly using such programs.

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  • 9 Excellent Examples of Die-Cut Business Cards

    Many companies might sneer at the thought of spending more for die-cut business cards than they ought to spend for a rectangular piece of paper with some ink on it. Perhaps the most persuasive argument is a visual one. After they see the advantages of die-cut business cards and these examples, they may very well change their take on just how much impact a card can mete out.

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