• How To Create a Custom Design With PrintPlace

    Not every design you create will conform to the standard paper sizes and design elements. Though we have hundreds of different options available from our standard templates, you might still have something different in mind. That’s fine, in fact; we encourage it. The templates we provide are blank slates that give you the size and fold pattern of the final product. The artwork and design is done by you.

    We have a custom printing team ready to work with you to provide a quote for your project, whether it’s die cutting a business card or using metallic ink to make your words shine. Just contact our Custom Quote department either by phone at 877.405.3949 or online.

    Many of the custom projects we see, however, are simply a custom size for print job. Almost all of our products allow you to select a custom trim size and still get an automatic quote. When you click to select the product from our website, you will see the quote options on the right. At the bottom of the options, if it’s available, will be a “Custom Trim” section. If you set this to “Yes” you can specify a custom height and width for your print job. The size you specify is the size we’ll use to trim the print job, but the artwork you upload needs to be slightly larger to account for the bleed areas. When you upload your artwork, we need an extra 1/8th of an inch (0.125 in decimal) on all sides of the paper outside your trim size. So if you set a custom trim to be 5 inches high by 4 inches wide, your submitted artwork would need to be 5 ¼ by 4 ¼ (1/8th inch on the left and right adds up to ¼ inch, the same with the top and bottom). Also, don’t place any text or vital graphics within 1/8th inch of the trim size you specified.

    Products that allow a custom trim size:

    • Booklets
    • Bookmarks
    • Brochures
    • Calendars
    • Catalogs
    • Flyers
    • Folded Postcards
    • Greeting Cards
    • Hang Tags
    • Letterhead
    • Menus
    • Newsletters
    • Notepads
    • Postcards
    • Posters
    • Rack Cards
    • Sales Sheets

    Note that on any folded design there might need to be a difference in the panel sizes. If you want to do a custom trim on a folded product, call us at 877.405.3949 (from 7am to 8pm CT) to get some help setting up your artwork correctly.


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  • How Long Does It Take to Print My Order with PrintPlace?

    The time from when you place your order until you have it in your hands is split into two parts. The first is the turnaround time and the second is the shipping time. Turnaround is the amount of time from when your order is sent to press until it is printed, packed and ready to ship. Shipping time is the time it takes the carrier to get it from us to you. We have several options for both turnaround and shipping to meet your budget and time constraints.

    Remember, the turnaround doesn’t start until your artwork is uploaded, you approve the proof and the order is sent to press. If you need an expedited turnaround of same-day or one-day you must approve the proofs by 12pm Central Time that day.


    • Same Day: We’ll get your order printed and shipped on the same day you order it (as long as it’s sent to press by 12pm Central).
    • One Day: Your order will be printed and shipped on the next business day (again, as long as you have it in by 12pm Central time).
    • 2-7 Day: For additional savings you can choose a turnaround of 2, 3, 5 or 7 days. Note that is the number of business days, excluding weekends and Federal holidays.


    • Ground: We ship via UPS and their ground service 1 to 5 business days to arrive.
    • Expedited: You can choose to send the print order 2-day air, next business day or same day (provided UPS offers the service for your location from our production facility).
    • Will-call: If you live in, or around, Arlington, Texas, you may be able to schedule your order for pick-up at our location.

    So, to figure how long it will take to get your order you have to add the turnaround and the shipping time together along with any weekends or holidays that get in the way. If you order same-day turnaround and next-day shipping on a Monday morning, we’ll get your order to you by Tuesday, typically by 3pm. But, if you ask for a 3 day turnaround and ground shipping and place your order on a Wednesday afternoon, then you can count Thursday and Friday as the first two days, Monday will be the third day and your order will be ready to ship. Then UPS will deliver it in 1 to 5 days, so your Wednesday order could get to you anywhere from the next Tuesday to the Monday after that, which would be 12 calendar days (8 business days) later.

    We’re committed to getting your order to you in the time you expect it, so we have an On-Time guarantee. If we don’t hit your turnaround time, we’ll upgrade your shipping at no cost to you so that you still get your order on time. If we can’t do that, we’ll refund any charges for upgraded turnaround to make it right.

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  • PrintPlace Custom Quotes

    Even though we have a pretty extensive collection of options for your print order, you still might want something that’s not on the menu. Just like a great restaurant, we can talk to the chef and get you something that’s exactly to your taste. We can do diecut business cards and map folds. Maybe metallic inks, extra large runs, PMS colors, unusual papers or special finishes like embossing or foil.

    The first thing you need to know is that a custom size doesn’t require a custom order. We can accommodate nearly any size you want through our Custom Trim option. When you’re selecting your options, look for a section labeled “Custom Size” and then choose “Yes” from the drop-down menu for Custom Trim? You can manually enter the height and width you want.

    But if you really do have something unique that you want to create, you can contact our custom order team to get a quote. Call 877.405.3949 and ask for the Custom Quotes department or browse to the Custom Quote section of the website. We’ll ask you for what kind of product you want, what kind of paper you want to use, the size and the folding options you want. In addition to that, you can give us details on the kind of ink you want, the folding method and the cutting you want.

    Our quote team will determine if we can complete the project and give you a price for what it will cost.  Be sure to leave us your contact information and your preferred method of communication. We will get back to you in the way you like best.

    So, use your imagination, dream big. Your business card doesn’t have to look like every other card that’s ever existed. We have the tools and skills to make your vision into a reality.

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  • When and How To Change or Reject a Proof

    Once you’ve placed an order, your account page becomes Grand Central for all the things you need to do. You can get there from the PrintPlace homepage by clicking “My Account” in the upper right or the “Login” link at the top of the page. Enter your username and password to see your account. You’ll see a list of your active orders (if you need to see past orders, click “Last 30 Days”). You can also click “View All Jobs” to see your entire history.

    After you’ve uploaded your original artwork, you can still change things if you don’t like the results. Click on the thumbnail for the job that you want to review. A high-resolution PDF file will open showing you the file as we’ve converted it for printing. You’ll see red, blue and green lines around the border of the artwork showing the bleed line (red), the trim line (blue) and the safety zone (green). These lines won’t appear on the finished copy, they just allow you to visualize where the printed work will be trimmed so you can check the placement of your graphics and text.

    If you want to reject the proof, click the “Reject” link above the thumbnail for the job. Go back and change your artwork and upload it again. Click on the job on your account page and then click “Upload Artwork.” Browse to the location of the new file on your computer and double-click to select it. Click “Upload.” Don’t refresh or leave the page until the upload is complete. Customers can do this as many times as they want to without incurring any additional fees unlike other printers who charge for every upload and proof. Likewise, we will never print a piece until the customer approves it by pressing the Send to Press button.

    If you have trouble upload your files you can email it to art@printplace.com (as long as it’s smaller than 10 MB) or send your files to our wetransfer channel, which is printplace.wetransfer.com. It is easier than the FTP and equally compatible with Macs or Windows computers. Always use your order number when you’re sending or uploading files outside of your Account page. If you need any help preparing your files or correcting your artwork, contact our customer support team at 877-405-3949 or look for the answer in our Help Center.

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  • Editing/Updating Your PrintPlace Profile

    We require that you create a PrintPlace profile to order anything from us. But, you might need to change the information stored in your profile, if your email address changes, for example. In your basic profile we only store your email address, and your password. If you need to change either of those or the name on the account, you simply log in or a call to customer service can take care of that.

    • Click “My Account” on the PrintPlace home page.
    • Enter your old email address and password in the boxes on the left.
    • Click “Login.”
    • Click “Change Password” either at the top of your account page or in the list on the left.
      • Enter your old password and then your new password twice and click “Change Password.”
      • Click “Change Email” either at the top of your account page or in the list on the left.
        • Type in the new email address and click “Change Email.” We’ll send you an email with instructions on how to finish the process.
        • Note, if your email address is correct, but you’re not receiving email alerts from PrintPlace, check your spam folder to see if your email provider is filtering the automatic alerts. Be sure to set PrintPlace.com as a trusted email source – we won’t ever send you emails without your permission.

    Your account page is also the central location for dealing with any jobs that have been ordered. Once you place an order, we create a job number for it and it will appear in your profile. There you can upload artwork, view the electronic proofs, accept or reject a proof and see all the details about your order. Think of your profile as the hub of your PrintPlace operations.


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  • Pick Up Your Orders from PrintPlace

    We do have a Will Call location in Arlington, Texas. If you’re in the area and you need to pick your order up, you can do so on the next day after the ship date of the job. So to figure out when your order will be ready to pick up, take your turnaround time and add one business day. We currently offer same day turnaround, one day, two day, three day, five day and seven day turnaround times. The cutoff time is midnight (12:00AM) for 2,3 ,5 7 & 10 day turnarounds. The cutoff time is noon (12:00PM) for same day and 1 day turnaround. Saturday, Sunday and Federal holidays don’t count as business days, so if you order a five-day turnaround and get the order approved and sent to press on Tuesday, five business days later would be the following Monday and the order would be available for pickup the Tuesday after that.

    Select Will Call as a Shipping Method:

    • Select the product that you want to order from the PrintPlace homepage.
    • Choose the turnaround time when you enter the product details. The Turnaround is in the Standard Options section at the top-right of the screen. Select the turnaround you want from the dropdown menu to see the effect it will have on your total price.
    • Click “Add to Cart” when you’re happy with the order details.
    • In the “Select Shipping or Mailing Services” section, choose “Will Call.” Currently there is only a Will Call desk at our Arlington location.
    • Check to box confirming that you know the order will be available on the day after the turnaround time is over (or when you get an email letting you know the job is done).
    • Proceed to check out and pay for your order.

    Note, Texas sales tax will be applied to your order since Arlington is the shipping location on file. If you have any questions or need help with your shipping options, give us a call at 877-405-3949 or contact us online. We’ll be happy to help.

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  • PrintPlace Can Help You With Your Designs!

    We’re happy to help you at any stage in your design process. Not only do we have an extensive Help Center where you can find answers to your questions, but we also have a dedicated art department that’s ready and able to repair any problems with your uploaded artwork. Some common issues that we see with artwork are missing bleeds, improper sizes and text that’s too close to the caution zone (the area that might get trimmed off when we cut the sheets). For $25 we offer file repair that will take care of the print-specific design issues so you can focus on your other responsibilities.

    If you need help, you can call us at 877.405.3949 or use our contact form and select “Art File Assistance.” We’ll work through the design process with you to ensure the highest quality prints.

    Services Offered:

    • Art Checking – We’ll look at your artwork to make sure it conforms to our standards and will print the way you want it to.
    • Bleeds – We can extend the artwork at the edges of your design so that everything goes to the edge of the page when it’s printed.
    • Caution Zone – If text is too close to the edge, it might be cut off during printing. We’ll adjust any dangerously close text.
    • Centering – We know where everything will lay out in the final printed form, so we can adjust your text and artwork to be truly centered.
    • Combine Files – If you created several separate files, we can put them all together into one document for printing.
    • Create PDF – No matter what program you used to create your design, we can export it to a print-ready PDF.
    • Font Embedding – Without properly embedded fonts, some files won’t print properly. We can fix that for you.
    • Fold Panels – Folded designs need panels that are slightly different sizes so that the creases don’t mar your artwork. We’ll help you position and size everything correctly.
    • Incompatible Files – If your file was rejected through our automatic upload system, we can repair it so it will work correctly.
    • Low Resolution – In some cases (like if high resolution files are available or we can work with the original file format) we can increase the resolution of graphics that don’t meet our standards for printing.
    • Orientation – We’ll flip and rotate images and text so that everything is prints in the correct orientation (i.e. landscape or portrait).
    • Separate Files – Sometimes we need two separate files for the printing process. We can split apart one file with two pages into two different files.
    • Typesetting – If there are minor typographical errors, we can help to clean things up. Note, this isn’t proofreading or typographical design, just tweaking the typography.

    For the File Repair service, unfortunately, we can’t do the following services:

    • Move graphics or other objects
    • Extensive typesetting or design
    • File re-sizing.

    If you need more extensive help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll find the right solution for your needs.

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  • Can I Open a Purchase Order Account with PrintPlace?

    We would love to be able to offer this to our customers but we cannot. We understand the needs of our business clients, however, so we offer a wide variety of payment options to suit your needs. We allow you to pay with the standard credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express), but in addition we also allow for money transfers, money orders and cashier’s checks.

    Typically a Purchase Order account is designed to make the accountants at your company happy, so you can show them an invoice for the total cost of your order and then they will cut a check to cover the cost. We allow you to do the same thing (keep the accountants happy) but only through paying upfront rather than after delivery.

    Your order process will look the same at the beginning. You’ll select your product from the main page of PrintPlace.com and then select your options from the list on the right. Add your order to the shopping cart when you’re all done and then proceed to checkout. When you check out, you’ll see the total for your order, including any shipping and sales tax that might apply. Then, just give us a call at 877.405.3949 or send us a message through the Contact page on our website. Let us know that you need to send us a cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer and we’ll give you the instructions on where to send it. You can print off the total page from the website and take it to the accounting department for them to cut the check. As soon as we receive payment, you can upload your artwork and get the order printing and shipped.

    We’re committed to making it easy and enjoyable to take care of your printing needs. We guarantee your order will be top quality, the best price, on time and that you’ll be 100% satisfied (full terms here).

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  • Working with an Online Printer

    The wealth of online printers has brought the once expensive and time-consuming use of professional printing to the masses.  Working with an online printer isn’t difficult. Most online printers today have unique software systems and easy to use graphic interfaces so almost anyone can create a professional looking printed product with minimal fuss.

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  • Are Your Brochure Printing Needs Being Met? Choose the Right Printer for You

    Brochures have the important job of marketing your company, providing information, and selling your products or services. Although the design of a brochure is crucial to its effectiveness, the printing step is equally as important. You might have the most brilliant design out there, but if the printing quality is poor, then your brochures will not make a positive impression on clients. Therefore, choosing the right brochure printing company for your needs requires careful consideration.

    Need #1:
    Being able to trust the quality that your printer puts out is a top priority. For excellent color, a printer should use the full or four color method of printing. Offset lithography insures a smoother transfer of the ink to the paper, so be sure that your printer uses this technique. You may also want to request samples so that you can see the quality yourself.

    Need #2:
    More than one extra brochure printing service should be provided by your printer. What if you need help designing or proofing your brochure? Or what if you decide you want to save time and have your brochures mailed directly from the printer to the client? Along with design and mailing services, a printer might also provide proofs, templates, and instant quotes.

    Need #3:
    Brochures can come in a variety of sizes, paper types, and folding, which is why a brochure printing company should offer lots of options. A standard size for brochures is 11×8.5, but what if you want a 33×17? You might also want to be able to choose from aqueous or glossy coatings. Or maybe you want a more unique fold, such as the Z-fold, gate fold, and roll folding.

    Don’t limit your creativity and quality by choosing a brochure printing company that does not fulfill your needs. A small amount of time researching a printer will make all the difference in your printing satisfaction and brochure results.

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