• How To Print A Custom-Sized PDF From Word

    As the Internet becomes a daily standard in most peoples’ lives, online printing companies are experiencing an influx of “new blood”. This new client base presents a fresh set of challenges. While online printers’ previous clients most likely consisted of people with design experience and software, the online print buyer of today is less likely to have access to commonly used print industry software – much less understand the lingo! Sure, John Q. User knows how to find the right company to do his color flyer printing, custom calendars or color business cards, but ask him about things like bleed, four color process or coated vs. uncoated substrates and you’re likely to get a deer-in-the-headlights response.

    Well, fear not! Printing a beautiful, high quality document using only Microsoft Word CAN be done! Follow the simple steps below and you, too, can create a print-ready Adobe PDF file that can be uploaded to your favorite online printer!

    1. Go to the ‘Print’ dialog box
    2. In the scroll down window for ‘Name’ choose ‘Adobe PDF’
    3. Next to that window click on ‘Properties’
    4. Choose the setting “PDF/X-1a:2001
    5. Then click on the ‘Layout’ tab at the top
    6. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab at the bottom right corner
    7. There you will see only one choice with a scroll bar, that is the ‘Paper Size’
    8. Scroll down to the ‘Post Script Custom Page Size’
    9. Once that is selected, enter your PDF size, being sure to include the bleed in your measurements.

    For most online printers, the bleed size of a document is typically an additional ¼” to height and width dimensions (i.e. an 8.5 x 11 document would have a bleed size of 8.75 x 11.25). Be sure to check your printer’s requirements before saving your final document for press.

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  • Solutions to Reduce Postage Rate Costs

    Arlington, TX October 29, 2007—The direct mail services industry is making strides in adapting to new postal rates and regulations. Clients and vendors are working together to devise solutions to the challenges associated with postage rate increases faced by the many types of organizations which utilize direct and bulk mail. These solutions include rethinking graphic design, focusing on creating highly targeted mailing lists, and using full-service printing-and-mailing companies to save money and time.

    Lisa Hoffman, Director of Mailing Services at PrintPlace, a fully automated online mail house, says that making simple design changes to direct mail pieces can significantly reduce postage rates, which can be prohibitively expensive to even large companies. “We recently saved a Fortune 500 company nearly $80,000 per year in postage by reformatting their Employee Benefits newsletters to folded booklets, which mail at reduced rates.” This type of solution is being used more frequently by all types of industries, including non-profit organizations. “PrintPlace is stepping up to the challenge of meeting our clients’ direct mail needs by working closely with them to optimize results in the most economical ways,” she went on to say.

    Another way companies are saving money is by reducing costly mailing list errors. “List cleaning” or “list hygiene” is a method of removing bad addresses in mailing lists. Fewer bad addresses mean savings to every company. Furthermore, direct mail houses like PrintPlace are offering their clients the opportunity to create lists which are specifically targeted to demographics. Marketers can create direct mail lists based on geographical locations, gender, marital status, and any other number of pertinent factors.

    Political candidates and parties can also benefit from direct mail services. Directly mailed postcards, brochures and booklets are a time-tested and effective way for campaigners to reach voters. The United States Postal Service charges Standard Rates for these customers, but treats the mailers as First Class instead of Standard if they are are appropriately postmarked.

    Lastly, more and more consumers are utilizing turnkey online direct mail services like those offered by PrintPlace.com. By purchasing graphic design, printing, finishing and mailing services over the Internet, consumers can save time and costly shipping fees that will be incurred when these services and products are done by separate vendors.
    PrintPlace.com has a user-friendly website which uses robust development technology for powerful and flexible ecommerce ordering. Their staff of customer service, color and printing experts is dedicated to helping consumers acquire the highest level of services and printed goods available through the internet.

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